The year Twenty-twenty began like most others

With no rules or regs about kissing our mothers,

New year’s resolutions, a holiday plan

These were our thoughts in the first month of Jan

But then bushfires raged through our country and state

They were fierce and we feared they would never abate

We lost lives, land and houses and animals too

‘Til rain and brave fire crews had finally won through.

Then sometime in Feb from the TV news man

Filtered through the strange tale of a bug in Wuhan

It was caught in the market when someone ate bat

A virus, contagious and deadly at that.

A trip down to woollies revealed empty shelves

When buyers who panicked thought just of themselves

We frowned as we looked and we said “What’s the caper?

All the staples have gone, and there’s no toilet paper”

We were told ‘wash your hands, and then keep your distance’

We can only get through this with careful persistence

No kissing, no hugging and no shaking hands

And no school, and the visits to aged care were banned

You stood at the window, peered into the room

No going inside – even church was on zoom

There were messages left and phone calls aplenty

But sometimes these made us feel lonely and empty

Then came PPE and each everyday task

Became twice as hard in a shield and a mask

Please take those things off, was the catch-cry each day

We can’t see your face, we can’t hear what you say

We hoped never to have cough or sniffle becos

It meant a long stick would be poked up our snoz

To test us for covid, that fear to expel

And our temperature taken twice daily as well

Then Vic’s second wave meant that we couldn’t travel

The borders all closed, we began to unravel

The reasons for leaving our homes – just a few

At night time we had to be back for curfew

The shops were all closed and five k was our limit

If you wanted a hair cut your partner could trim it

The footy, a bright point went on much as planned

Until the grand final was played in Queensland

There were meetings online where our clothes were informal

But we’ve all made it through, there’s a new covid-normal

And although all the year we have moaned and we’ve ranted

We know we will never again take for granted

The hugs and the visits, the freedom, the love

We have for each other, God’s gift from above

So it’s heartfelt we mean it, we’re very sincere

When we wish you a safe, healthy, Happy New Year