What is Respite Care?

On occasions, those who look after elderly family or friends at home may need a short break. This might be to allow some recreation or travel, or perhaps the opportunity to attend to another responsibility.

Respite care also applies to elderly people who have been hospitalised for surgery or to treat an illness may need short term support in their recovery or convalescence.

Cathy our Respite Care Manager

At Olivet, Respite Care is always in high demand, and we have five rooms dedicated to providing high care and one room providing low care respite services. We can care for your relative or friend for a short time in High or Low Care accommodation. This gives enough time and opportunity to mix with others, experience our facilities and enjoy our excellent standard of care.

As Respite Care is highly sought after, it is advisable to make bookings well in advance. Emergency short term accommodation is offered depending on availability.

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