Memory Care Assisted Living

Olivet offers personalised care for those living with memory loss and cognitive changes. Dementia and related issues can be challenging moving forward, but that doesn’t mean they have to be limiting. At Olivet, we’ve designed our services and memory care facility to support your loved ones as they move into this new stage of life. With a focus on kindness, compassion, responsibility, and respect, we provide our residents with the care they need without limiting independence. Our Juniper Household is dedicated to providing specialised care for people with Dementia. If you’re searching for memory care assisted living, book a private tour of Olivet today.

Memory Care Done Differently

By keeping our focus on providing genuine, person-centred care, we’re able to provide a care home living experience that builds up and enriches the lives of our residents. Our team of friendly and caring staff are committed to providing personalised care tailored to the unique needs of each resident. We build relationships with each person in our care to understand their needs and provide better care and emotional support. If you have special requirements or would like more information on how we provide care at Olivet, talk to our team today. We’re always happy to help!

memory care assisted livings
memory care assisted living

Juniper Household

With 30 beautiful and spacious rooms, each with private ensuites and great views, our Juniper household is specifically designed for the wellbeing of those requiring memory care. To ensure the best possible care, we have a team of carers on call and available 24/7 to provide assistance where it’s needed. All our team members in the Juniper Household have specialised training in memory care. For more information on our Juniper memory care facility talk to our team today or book a private tour.

Why Choose Memory Care Assisted Living?

Olivet’s memory care facility provides comfort and peace of mind for both you and your loved ones. While it is possible to provide Dementia and Alzheimer’s care at home, most people can’t be there 24/7 to provide that care. Olivet can provide the care your loved ones need to live comfortably while still feeling safe and cared for. You can rely on our team of experienced carers to provide support and personalised care, and give you the peace of mind you deserve.

memory care assisted living service

Low and High Care Available

Not all cognitive changes are the same. The terms ‘dementia’ and ‘memory care’ cover a wide range of cognitive issues, each with varying levels of severity. This means not everyone requires the same level of care, making it essential to provide tailored care for each resident. Our facilities support those with both low care and high care needs, making it straightforward for us to provide personalised care that matches the needs of each resident. From support with laundry, cooking, and personal care, to 24-hour assistance with medication and general living, we can provide the care each resident needs.

Call For Memory Care Assisted Living

If you’re looking for memory care for a loved one, Olivet can help you find the care you need. Our team is always available to help and address any questions and reservations you may have. Book a private tour of our memory care
facility and care home today, or request a meeting with our team to discuss your needs.

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