Home Care Nursing

With Olivet In Home Nursing Care, you can rest easy knowing our team of qualified home care nurses are available when you need them.

Why Get In Home Nursing Care?


If you’re recovering from an injury or need ongoing medical care, we can tailor our services to ensure you get the best possible care. With a focus on kindness, compassion, responsibility, and respect, we aim to provide services that enrich your life and improve your wellbeing, helping you live without worry. For many people, home nursing care is a good balance between living independently at home and moving into full time care. If you or someone close to you requires care, we can help you get appropriate care without sacrificing your independence.

home care nursings
home care nursing

Experienced Home Care Team


All our home care nurses are part of the Olivet team, and share the same values we do. They’re trained to handle general first aid needs, such as wounds and medications, as well as some specialised needs. We also have carers on board with specific training for memory related health issues such as dementia. Our person-centred care means our clients are placed at the centre of everything we do. With Olivet you can have complete peace of mind knowing you’ve got a qualified nurse available when you need them. 

General Home Care Services

We offer both nursing care and general home care, allowing you to get support with general tasks throughout the home while you’re recovering from injury or illness. Our services cover a wide range of needs, from healthcare and home maintenance to transport, organising social activities, grocery shopping and more.

Olivet Home Care Packages

All our services are available through Government Home Care Packages, which we can tailor to your needs and budget. Through these packages you can get in home nursing care services with government subsidies, at a price that is more affordable. To make sure you can get required care, we don’t charge the Government nominated Daily Fee, or package administrative fees. We’re committed to your health and wellbeing.

Call Olivet Today

If you or someone close to you needs care, either for a short time or ongoing, Olivet can provide the services you need. Arrange a personal appointment with our experienced home care nursing coordinators today to discuss the creation of a Home Care Package. We can meet with you over the phone or in person, either at your home or at our Ringwood office.

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