Elders Day Care

Elders Day Care (Also known as adult or elderly day care) is perfect for those looking to get out of the house and meet new people without the typical challenges. Olivet runs a daytime program featuring a range of social events, entertainment, activities and more. We aim to help those living independently or isolated live a full and healthy life, with a focus on kindness, compassion, responsibility, and respect. Our day program is a great way to build relationships, get out of the house for a while and experience new things, while still getting care when it’s needed. If you’re considering elders day care for you or someone close to you, discuss your needs with our team today. You can book a tour of our Day Care centre, or meet with our team over the phone or online.

Olive Grove House

Our Olive Grove house on our main grounds is where it all happens. We run all our day programs here, fostering community and encouraging new experiences with a range of social activities and events. The building is equipped with everything we need to cater to those with both low care and high care needs. It’s staffed by a team of friendly and caring staff, each with training in both personal health care and leisure and lifestyle care. Some members of our team have specialist training in Dementia care and are able to cater to the needs of those with memory loss and cognitive issues. We aimed to create a perfect environment for promoting growth and independence, while still providing necessary care.

elders day cares
elders day care

What is Elders Day Care?

Elders day care (or adult day care) is a coordinated program run daily, designed to provide older adults with the opportunity to socialise and get out of their home for a time, while still receiving the care they need. At Olivet, we run a range of different program schedules and events, keeping things engaging and interesting with different activities, entertainers, events and more. It’s great for carers and families as well, allowing them to take some time for themselves with the peace of mind their loved ones are in good hands. If you or someone close to you is living alone or already receiving home care, Olivet’s elderly day care programs are a fantastic option. We aim to build up and enrich the lives of those in our programs, providing care and improving quality of life without limiting independence.

Transportation Available

If you live in or around Ringwood we’re able to provide transport to and from Olive Grove House, up to 10km away. We have a minibus equipped with wheelchairs and accessibility features to provide comfortable and convenient transport to and from your home. Talk to our team today for more information on this service.

Fees and Operating Hours

Starting at just $15 a day we offer complete elders day care services, complete with meals, care and more. Costs will vary depending on how many times a week you’re attending and your home care package (if you are receiving home care from us. Our community day centre runs from 9:30 am to 4:00 pm Monday to Friday, with flexible times for pick up and drop off.

Find Out if Olivet Adult Day Care is Right for You

If you’re considering day care for yourself or someone close to you, discuss your needs with our team today. For more than 70 years we’ve been operating independently, providing tailored aged care services for the community in and around Ringwood. We’re committed to you, customising our services to suit your needs and ensuring you get the care you need. Book a private tour of our Olive Grove House today, or talk to our team for more information.

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