Code of Conduct for Relatives and Visitors

We expect that those visiting and working at Olivet will cooperate to achieve Olivet’s Vision, Values and Culture understanding that we provide accommodation which is the home to not only your family member or friend, but to other residents, all deserving to be respected and valued.

We therefore expect, and thank you in advance, for treating our staff and all residents courteously and respectfully.

Staff and Resident Interaction

Olivet has a legal responsibility to provide a workplace and home for our residents which is free from harassment and anti-social behaviour, where religious and cultural identity is respected, where the right to privacy and confidentiality is respected and upheld and where the recognition of the right to a pleasant and professional workplace and home environment is upheld.

Behaviour from visitors or families which is threatening, abusive, violent or disrespectful is therefore not accepted or to be tolerated. It is also not acceptable to verbally abuse staff or residents, raise voices or become threatening in any way.

Resolving difficult situations can only be achieved when individuals cooperate, stay in control of their behaviour and respond reasonably. Any relative or visitor who breaches any expectations as mentioned above or in any way poses a risk to an Olivet resident and does not comply with reasonable requests by staff to desist, will be asked to leave Olivet. If a relative or visitor who is asked to leave refuses to do so, staff will contact Police and seek assistance. Any individual who is intoxicated or under the effect of drugs will be asked to leave with refusal resulting in a call to the Police.

Use of Electronic Recording Devices

Electronic recording devices, however named, when used for recording images / voices of Olivet, Staff or Residents, pose a breach to privacy and is against the law without permission first being granted by Olivet Management.