Aged Care Melbourne

Whether you’re planning the next stage of life for yourself or looking to get support and health care for a loved one, Olivet can assist you in finding the care that’s right for your needs. We offer a range of services for aged care in Melbourne, including in-home care, an adult day centre program, care, short term respite stays, and our full permanent care home. If you’re considering aged care in Melbourne, book a private tour book a tour and see what separates Olivet for yourself.

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Why Choose Olivet Aged Care?

As a not-for-profit, Christian based organisation, we can provide care unhindered by the needs of shareholders or other organisations. We’ve been dedicated to the needs of our local community for more than 70 years, recently branching into home care and respite care. We’re focused on providing outstanding care, building relationship with each and every person in our care, focusing on compassion, kindness, responsibility, and respect.

Compassion, Kindness, Respect

Throughout our 70 year history these three things have formed the foundation of all our services, and factor into everything we do. We’re dedicated to providing genuine care that enriches the lives of our participants, providing physical and emotional support without limiting independence. Our services are tailored to the needs of our residents and program participants, and our friendly team are focused on building relationships, to provide better care and services throughout your time with us.
Aged Care Melbourne Services

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Residential Aged Care

Our residential care home is split up into five separate households with space for 128 residents. Each household is designed to provide varying levels of care and independence, supported by a passionate team of carers and registered nurses. Permanent residents get access to 24/7 care and a rotating, changing program of activities and events.

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Day Centre and Respite Care


Our day centre and respite care services create a space where individuals can engage in social activities and events without the usual challenges. We aim to provide mental and social stimulation as well as appropriate care, without limiting independence. We can cater for all levels of care, including memory loss and dementia.

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Home Care

If you or a loved one is living indecently but still requires care on occasion, Olivet can come to you. We offer several home care packages with varying levels of care and different services, including household chores, home maintenance, physio and other health services, transport, social connections, purchase of equipment for aid and more.

Get the Right Care For Your Needs

If you’re moving into aged care in Melbourne, the amount of choice and options available can be overwhelming. There is a lot to consider, and at the end of the day, you need to be confident in your decision. If you’re considering choosing Olivet, discuss your needs with our team today. We’re always happy to help and can provide you with more information on our services or about aged care in general. Your needs are unique, and we aim to work closely with you to help you get the right care for your needs. Call us today to discuss, or book a private tour and see Olivet for yourself.

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