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Olivet’s community adult day care centre gives older adults the opportunity to get out of the house and socialise in a group setting, without the challenges they usually face. With a team of friendly and caring staff, we run a coordinated program that focuses on building community and friendships, while still providing the care needed to live a healthy and fulfilling life. If you’re considering choosing Olivet for yourself or a loved one, book a private tour of our Community Day Centre today. Our team will be able to answer your questions and provide the information you need.

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Olive Grove House

Olive Grove House is the name of our centre-based respite program located on our main Olivet grounds. As part of our commitment to care, it’s equipped with everything we need to cater for people with both high and low care physical needs.

What is Adult Community Day ? Centre-based respite?

Adult Community day centre provides engaging and coordinated day programs for older adults who are looking to socialise or simply require care during the day. For carers, it’s a respite from caregiving, providing peace of mind while your loved ones are in our care. At Olivet, we understand there are pressures that come with both living independently or in the care of another. Our adult community day centre was established to alleviate these pressures day by day, whilst fostering relationships and maintaining independence.

As we get older, the need for mental stimulation and socialisation doesn’t just disappear. In fact, it’s arguably more important than ever as getting out of the home becomes more challenging. Olivet’s adult community day services cover everything needed to enrich participants lives, validating and building them up socially and physically. With a range of coordinated activity programs, low and high personal care, and easy access to additional health services, Olivet adult community day centre has been one of Melbourne’s most loved day care services for more than 15 years.

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Planned Social Activities

We run a range of coordinated activities for participants, ranging from games and social events to entertainers and shows.

Low and High Care Available

We have the capabilities and facilities to provide cater to people with both low and high care needs, including those with memory loss or advanced dementia. All our staff are professionally trained in both personal care, and we have a team of specialists on board to help with Dementia Care and similar.

Transport To and From Olive Grove House

We can provide transport to and from day centre for people living within 10km of Olive Grove House, via minibus. Our minibus is equipped with wheelchairs and ease of access features and driven by our trained carers to ensure a smooth travel experience to and from home.


Operating Hours

Olive Grove House operates from 9:30am to 4:00pm, Monday to Friday, with flexible times as needed. For more information on this, discuss your needs with our team.


Olivet adult community day services start at just $15 per day. If you’re comparing costs our team can provide you with more information and help you get day care that meets your needs and budget. 

A Friendly and Caring Team

If you’re thinking about organising adult day care for yourself or a loved one, our friendly, caring team can help you find the care that’s right for you. Throughout our 70 year history, we’ve built a community and culture that is focused on the needs of our residents and participants first. We pride ourselves on being genuine and providing excellent care with compassion, kindness and respect. For more information on our adult day centre services or to find out if Olivet is right for you, book a private tour with us today.

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